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Der neue Terrassenkatalog 2017 ist da!

Auch in diesem Jahr erwarten Sie zahlreiche Neuheiten aus dem Terrassenbereich. Bestellen Sie jetzt die neue Printversion oder downloaden Sie den neuen Terrassenkatalog kostenlos auf unserer Homepage.

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DrainTec – drainage grate

As part of the constant further development of our product portfolio, with steady growth in the deck construction sector, we are delighted to present our new system component:

DrainTec – aluminium drainage grate

The construction of an open-air space is accompanied by an extensive set of requirements.

In developing the DrainTec drainage grate, we turned our attention to the topic of:

drainage for façade and deck surfaces.

Rock concrete screws now ETA approved

The rock concrete screw is a special screw for anchorages in cracked and non-cracked concrete. It is screwed directly into the drill hole without a plug or other additional components.

Here you can get more details…

Eurotec Injektionsmörtel

Ein Befestigungsmittel, viele Anwendungsmöglichkeiten

Das chemische Befestigungsmittel aus der Kartusche ist ein leistungsfähiger Verbundmörtel auf der Basis von Vinylesterharz. Dieses Befestigungsmittel besticht vor allem durch sein breites Anwendungsgebiet. Es ist zugelassen für Verankerungen in gerissenem und ungerissenem Beton, Verankerungen im Mauerwerk sowie zur Erstellung von nachträglich eingemörtelten Bewehrungsanschlüssen.

Endlich ist es soweit... der neue Gesamtkatalog 2016 ist da!

Altbekanntes, wie auch Neuheiten warten darauf entdeckt zu werden. Ab sofort steht der neue Gesamtkatalog 2016 auf Deutsch zum Downloaden auf unserer Homepage zur Verfügung. Oder fordern Sie einfach eine Printversion an. Die englische Version befindet sich bereits im Druck und ist ebenfalls in ein paar Wochen lieferbar. Weiteres erfahren Sie hier…

Eurotec Stainless Steel Long Bits

Eurotec’s Stainless Steel Long Bits are especially suitable for screwing in stainless steel screws. They mean that this process does not result in the abrasion of other steels, effectively preventing the risk of flash rust and rust from external sources, as well as avoiding expensive follow-up costs due to the formation of rust on stainless steel.

Der neue Terrassenkatalog 2016 ist da!

Ab sofort steht der neue Terrassenkatalog 2016 online auf unserer Homepage zum Download zur

Verfügung. Ebenso erhältlich in Printversion – hier erfahren Sie mehr...

Eurotec Plattenzug mit Ratsche

Der neue Plattenzug mit Ratsche ist ein unentbehrlicher Helfer für den Handwerker.

Ob beim Richten eines Dachstuhls oder beim Verlegen von Holzbaufertigelementen,

mit dem Plattenzug können Hölzer und Holzbauelemente einfach und schnell

vorgespannt werden.

Eurotec Magnet Bits

Die neuen innovativen Magnet-Bits haben einen extrem starken Halt und verhindern somit ein Herunterfallen von Schrauben. Selbst lange Schrauben bleiben in waagerechter Haltung sicher in Position. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst…

Eurotec Stone-System

Multifunctional Stone System

Eurotec’s new multifunctional Stone System for installing decks minimises the effort involved in construction – building a deck has never been so easy! An especially practical feature of this system is that it allows you to combine a wide range of deck coverings.

Eurotec’s new series of adjustable pedestals

Having made a series of innovations in-house, and in response to changing market conditions, we have decided to reorganise our range of adjustable pedestals. In future, we will confine our products to two series of adjustable pedestals: the ECO-Line and the Profi-Line.


Der Eurotec Bolzenanker ist ein kraftkontrolliert spreizender Dübel aus galvanisch verzinktem Stahl, der zur Durchsteckmontage in ungerissenem Beton verwendet wird.

PediX 300+150 HV

In our range you can now find a new PediX post foot. What's special about the new PediX 300+150 HV is the increased compressive load capacity of up to 34.5 kN as well as the horizontal load bearing capacity of up to 2.3 kN. 

EcoTec now avaiable in A2

EcoTec our popular chipboardscrew is from now on available in stainless stell A2. For this reason EcoTec is now suitable for outdoor areas.

Quality Label

Eurotec screws are standing for innovative fastening technology, user comfort and an extraordinary product quality. You can identify screws from Eurotec by the embossed ellipse on the screw head.

Der Terrassenkatalog 2015 ist da!

Ab sofort ist der neue Terrassenkatalog verfügbar. Schauen Sie ihn sich online auf unserer Homepage an oder bestellen Sie eine gedruckte Version. Hier erfahren Sie mehr zu den Neuheiten…

Ripsaw now added to our range of products

From now on a ripsaw has been added to our product range. The EuroTec ripsaw has one clear advantage compared to classical handsaws, as it has an alternating, triple sharpened, trapezoidal toothing, which enables the user to realize a precise cut with less expenditure of energy at a high working speed. Read further, for more information…

Assembly wedges and adjustment blocks

From now on, our product range will also contain assembly wedges and adjustment blocks for universal use! If you wish to find out more, please continue reading…

Wall support

New in our product range you will find now also wall support. The wall support provides assistance during the installation of prefabricated walls. Read more...

Catalogues are available in english now

Our new illustrated catalogues for the terrace programme as well as the complete programme are available in english now. Please send us an eMail-request to or download the catalogues from our homepage.

Japanese saw

A Japanese saw is a collapsible handsaw and the counterpart of the precision saws that are common in Europe. The key difference is that Japanese saws only cut on the pull stroke. The especially thin saw blade is a great advantage, along with the associated fine cut, which is achieved with low force exertion.

Der neue Gesamtkatalog ist da!

Auch in diesem Jahr gibt es wieder viele Produktneuheiten und -weiterentwicklungen zu entdecken.

Schauen Sie direkt mal rein! Der neue Gesamtkatalog steht, wie gewohnt, als pdf-Datei und in gedruckter Form zur Verfügung!

15 Years of EuroTec – 15 Years of Quality!

EuroTec GmbH was founded 15 years ago in May of that year. A lot has changed since then!

Today, EuroTec employs around 100 people and has a storage capacity of 11,000 pallet bays...

Beam grip with ratchet

The beam grip is an indispensable aid for carpenters. Whether you want to align a roof truss or carry out other carpentry work, the beam grip allows you to prestress timber quickly and easily. 

The Brutus threaded rod has arrived!

With the Brutus threaded rod, we can replace our existing threaded screws (in seven sizes) with a single product.

It is used for transverse-shear reinforcement:

• of building trusses

• at notches and openings

• at transverse connections

The new Eurotec terrace catalog in German is available!

You can discover some new products.  Furthermore we have optimized some of our products. You can download  the new terrace catalog in German here on our website in the category catalogs. If you prefer to have the printed version of the catalog, please send us an email.

The English version of the catalog will follow as soon as possible.

Let the clicking begin

We have succeeded in developing a new generation of adjustable feet: the Eurotec Click Foot!

Built-in Click systems on the discs of the adjustable feet will allow Eurotec aluminium profiles to click easily into place on the adjustable feet.

Slab laying made easy

In addition to the adjustable feet for deck boards that you already know, you can now also obtain Stone Foot adjustable feet from us for laying large-format floor slabs. These are designed to allow the corner of a floor slab to be laid on each quarter of the foot.

Pedix now with ETA

With effect from 26 June 2013 the company Eurotec has received European Technical Approval (ETA 13/0550) for the Pedix post feet.


Tools and aids

The tools and accessories from Eurotec offer you the opportunity to work in the field of timber easier. Check out our new product range more closely and discover the benefits.


Tools and aids

New product


NEW: Transport anchor system - The secure lifting system

Made of quality steel, this manual lifting attachment is used to lift all kinds of timber parts securely and easily.



The latest service from EuroTec for all interested customers: inform yourself about the characteristics of wood types quickly, simply and reliably. At the same time you can find out which fasteners EuroTec recommends. It's never been easier to find all the information on the right wood!



Quick clearly informed!


As well as a suitable fastening system, above all good planning and professional assembly are essential for long-lived, low-maintenance deck construction. Not all timber is the same. This overview of the most common deck timbers might assist you in your considerations. Please ensure that you refer to the information we provide on “Hazards in the construction of timber decks” on page 52 in our Deck construction and landscaping-catalog.


Deck construction

Without a pefect substructure, there will be in short time damages on the decking. We offer a whole fastening system with utilities, which keep your decking well.


Eurotec Stone-System

It has never been so easy to build stone patios!


Construct high-quality stone patios quickly and easily

The innovative Eurotec Stone System is a multifunctional installation system for combining different deck coverings. The simple assembly process minimises the effort involved in building a patio.


Aluminium system profile

The alternative to wood deck substructures


In contrast to wood substructures,

the profile is dimensionally stable.

There are no faults, cracks, etc. caused

by the weather, as with wood

when used as a building material.


Visible fixing

Substructure: wood


The deck board fastenings are visible.

These are screwed directly, from the upper side of

the boards. The screw heads are therefore visible.

The distance strip functions as a spacer.

TerrassenTragsystem HKP.jpg

Deck support System HKP

For bridging wider spans


One system, many advantages:

• High load bearing capability

• Large support widths

• High dimensional stability and evenness

• Low dead load

• Attractive, clean enclosed frame


Deck substructure

The essential part for well done decking


For a stable and durable hardwood deck,

it is very important to build the substructure correctly.



Hidden fixing

Substructure: aluminium profile or wood


The deck gliders are fastened first of all to the

underside of the boards and then to the substructure.

The boards are fastened hidden. The fasteners cannot

be seen on the surface of the deck. The deck glider

functions as a means of joining and as a spacer.


Adjustable pedestals Profi-Line

innovative, universal, versatile and user-friendly!


The new Profi-Line series of adjustable pedestals from Eurotec

From now on, we can offer you a modular system:

innovative, universal, versatile and user-friendly!


Adjustable pedestals ECO-Line

height-adjustable pedestals made ​​of hard plastic


Functioning of the adjustable pedestals ECO-Line:

Screwing the adjustable pedestalst on the aluminum substructure or on substructure wood,

Adjust the height by turning the adjustment, done! The support plate with the L-adapter is - except for the ECO S - freely rotatable.


Wood construction screws

Eurotec offers innovative fastening systems for building with wood. Whether in the garden or in parks and landscaped areas, Eurotec wood construction screws are the ideal solution. With our tried and tested products you can build: wood/hardwood decks, stone patios, screen fences, garden fences, play installations, summer houses and garden sheds.


Roofing screws

TopDuo: Double threaded screw


For fastening over rafter insulation with insulation

thicknesses up to 300 mm.

Over rafter insulation with:

left site: non-pressure-resistant insulation

right site: pressure-resistant insulation



Wood construction screw

Paneltwistec and Hobotec


Our range of screws for every range of application is as varied as building with wood!



The PediX post foot is a post bearer for constructive wood protection. It can be mounted directly to the cross-grained wood of the post by means of 12 fully threaded screws, without the need for additional beams or pre-drilling. An EPDM joint between post foot and post ensures additional protection of the wood against penetrating moisture. Following assembly, the post foot is still height-adjustable up to 50 or 100 mm, respectively.


PediX – support feet

The newly developed generation of support feet


12 fully threaded screws Ø 5.0 x 80 mm included in the

scope of delivery with each post foot


• Easy assembly without the need for milling

• Subsequent height adjustment

• High load bearing capacity


The company

Eurotec's focus is on the (further) development of fastening technology that provides users with the greatest number of advantages. We develop fasteners that satisfy our customers' requirements and have the highest possible quality standard. Approvals from the building supervisory authorities for all products in our core range and a series of registrated industrial property rights in germany to protect unique product innovations underline Eurotec's quality level. Our customers are extremely interested in our intensive product advice, the information that we provide as well as product training, so that our company has become firmly established in the domestic market and to a great extent in the international market as well.


The company Eurotec GmbH

The specialist for fastening technology


Founded in May 1999, Eurotec GmbH is a successful medium-sized company with approx. 130 employees and a storage capacity of more than 11,000 pallet bays. Over its short 17-year history, Eurotec GmbH has developed itself into a permanent fixture on the domestic and international market. Find out more below…


Eurotec - The specialist for fastening technology